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11 Commandments for Bus Meet Etiquette
20 January 2015, by Admin
Here’s a knee-slapper: What did the employee say when his boss asked why he missed a recent meeting?
01 December 2014, by Admin
In the current economic climate, running a successful business can be quite a daunting prospect, with even the most experienced of companies struggling to adjust to the recession. The chances of becoming more cost-effective are an increasingly problematic area – with every decision that you make as a company playing a much bigger role in its continued existence. Your office space can have a key role in determining this, as it any stage an idea can be developed that could make you a success and prolong your company’s lifespan. In recent...
Ramadan Breakfasting at Boutique Office Indonesia
01 August 2014, by Admin
To more than one billion moslem worldwide, the month of Ramadan serves a season of spiritual renewal and gratitude for the bounties bestowed upon all human beings.
Analysis: Keeping pace — Indonesia SME transformation still miles away
08 May 2014, by Admin
The drive for Indonesian businesses to look to information technology (IT) to transform their businesses has never been more apparent than right now. In the face of a flailing rupiah, slowing gross domestic product (GDP), low infrastructure spending, heightened inflation and the introduction of policies and regulations that cause higher operational expenditure (opex) among some of the issues faced by businesses today, IT has never looked more appealing for businesses wanting to reduce their overall business costs, increase profitability and heighten productivity of their existing...
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